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Oviduct Diagram Of Avian Species ASC-201: Avian Female Reproductive System Avian Female Reproductive System Jacquie Jacob And Tony Pescatore, Animal Sciences A Nyone Raising Poultry For Eggs, Whether For Eating Or For Incubation, Should Have An Understanding Of The Reproduc-tive System This Will Help Them Understand Any Problems That May Occur And How To Correct Them The Avian Reproductive ... 6th, 2020

Unit B: Anatomy And Physiology Of Poultry
Of Poultry . Lesson 1: Internal Anatomy Of Poultry . 1 1 . Terms • Abdominal Air Sacs • Air Sacs • Bursa Of Fabricius • Cervical • Cloaca • Colon • Coronary Band • Crop • Diverticula • Duodenum • Lungs • Muscular Stomach • Ovary • Oviduct • Pancreas • Pericardial Sac • Proventriculus • Rectum • Spleen • Syrinx 2 2 • Esophagus • Gizzard • Glandular 11th, 2020

1. The Diagram Below Represents The Homeostatic Control Of ...
What Are The Names Of The Organs Labelled I And II? I II A. Uterus Vagina B. Bladder Ovary C. Urethra Oviduct D. Clitoris Cervix (Total 1 Mark) 6. What Is A Difference Between Human Sperm And Human Egg Cells? A. Sperm Have More Chromosomes. B. Sperm Have A Larger Surface Area To Volume Ratio. C. Eggs Have An Acrosome. D. The Division Of The Cytoplasm In Sperm Production Is Uneven. (Total 1 ... 6th, 2020

II TINJAUAN PUSTAKA 2.1 Fisiologi Produksi Telur
2.1 Fisiologi Produksi Telur Ayam Betina Mempunyai Alat Repruduksi Yang Terdiri Dari Oviduct Dan Ovary. Oviduct Ayam Terdapat Dari Dua Buah, Tapi Hanya Sebelah Kiri Yang Berkembang, Sedangkan Yang Kanan Rudimenter (Ruhyat, 2005). Ovary Ayam Mengandung 1000 Sampai 3000 Folikel Dengan Ukuran Yang Sangat Bervariasi, Dari Ukuran Mikroskopik Sampai Sebesar Satu Kuning Telur Dimana Dari Jumlah Itu ... 20th, 2020

(in Vitro Maturation Rate Lower Than 10%, Polyspermy, Embryonic Development Block).While It Has Been Considered For A Long Time As A Simple Transit Zone For The Oocyte And The Embryo, The Oviduct Is Now Regarded As A Complex Microenvironment Essential To Oocyte Maturation And Early Embryo Development. This Study Was Designed To Develop A Protocol For Culture Of Canine Oviductal Cells And To ... 7th, 2020

BTEC Applied Science Bridging Work Booklet
BTEC Applied Science Bridging Work Booklet Biology Section 9 Activity 6 Draw A Line To Match Each Organ System With The Organs It Contains. Reproductive Ears, Eyes, Nerves Digestive Stomach, Intestines, Pancreas Circulatory Kidneys, Liver, Skin Excretory Ovaries, Uterus, Oviduct Sensory Heart, Arteries, Veins Nervous Trachea, Lungs, Diaphragm ... 22th, 2020

Human Female Reproductive System Cloze Worksheet
THE HUMAN FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM THE PATH THE EGG TRAVELS Ovary Oviduct Or Fallopian Tube Uterus Or Womb Cervix Vagina PARTS OF THE FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM Ovary There Are Ovaries (female Gonads) Produces Eggs Or Ova (female Gametes), Female Sex (oestrogen And Progesterone) That Regulate The Menstrual Cycle, Pregnancy, And The Secondary Sexual Characteristics (e.g. ) Puberty Is The Time ... 23th, 2020

Book Reviews I
Crinology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Immunology, And Pathology Of Oviduct Tissues, Fluids, And Eggs. Thirty-two Scientists Of Various Disciplines And Countries Have Contributed, Representing The Results Of The First International Conference On Oviduct Biology, At Washington State University, In August, 1967. The Book Is Divided Into Five Parts. Part I Deals With The Prenatal Development Of ... 23th, 2020

Role Of The Oviduct And Oviduct-derived Products In ...
Keywords: Bovine, Embryo Development, , In Vitro Oviduct. Introduction . In Vivo, Oocytes And Embryos Develop In A Complex And Dynamic Environment. First, In The Ovarian Follicle, The Oocyte Grows And Matures, Achieving Full Developmental Competence Just Prior To Ovulation. Subsequently, In The Oviduct, The Oocyte Undergoes Fertilization And Early Embryonic Development. Finally In The Uterus ... 26th, 2020

Reproductive System Of Insect Consist Of Following Organ Or Parts:- 1. Ovaries 2. Lateral Oviduct 3. Median Oviduct Or Vagina 4. Spermatheca 5. ACCESSORY Glands 6. Gonopophysis 1. Ovaries One Pair Of Ovaries Are Situated At The Anterior Part Of Abdominal Cavity Above The Intestine Of The Insect. It Is Bilaterally Located And Lies Inside The Tergum Of Abdomen Of The Female Insect. Both Ovaries ... 29th, 2020

Reproductive System Of The Female Apple Maggot, Rhagoletis Pomonella O=OVARY AG=ACCESSORY GLANDS S=SPERMATHECAE CO=COMMON OVIDUCT BC=BURSA COPULATRIX V=VAGINA. Reproductive Tract Of Romalea On The Left And Schistocerca On The Right. Notice The Large Volume In The Female Taken Up By The Mature Eggs. Anus Ovaries. The Drawing On The Top Right Shows A Female Romalea With Eggs Developing In Each ... 23th, 2020

Quantitation Of Ovalbumin MRNA In Hen And Chick Oviduct By ...
Quantitation Of Ovalbumin MRNA In Hen And Chick Oviduct By Hybridization To Complementary DNA Accumulation Of Specific MRNA In Response To Estradiol Ronald F. COX, Michael E. HAINES, And J. Spencer EMTAGE Searle Research Laboratories, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Received March 11 /August 12, 1974) 1. DNA Complementary To Ovalbumin MRNA Was Synthesized Using Reverse Transcriptase From Avian ... 21th, 2020

Isolation And Identification Of Some Aerobic Bacterial ...
That Micro Flora Is Usually Harmless Until Presence Of Predisposing Factors Such As Trauma Or Another Infection Which May Be Pathogenic And Cause Disease (8)., All These Studies And Others Do Not Describe The Micro Flora That Found In Uterus And Oviduct , Animals Infected With These Agents May Not Be Detectable Clinically But Can Usually Be Identified By Laboratory Means Either In The ... 17th, 2020

Anatomi Fungsional Organ Reproduksi Ternak Betina
BETINA 1 OVARIUM 2 Bengkak Organ Reproduksi Unggas Betina Hanya Terdiri Atas Ovary Bagian Kiri Dan Oviduct Bagian Kiri Ovary Dan Oviduct Bag Kanan Degenerasi Setelah Menetas Jika Ovary Dan Ovoduct Kiri Dirusak Dihilangkan Pada Ayam Umur Lt 30 Hari Ovary Dan Oviduct Kanan Akan Berkembang 1 2 BAB I Betina WordPress Com BAHAN 1 Organ Reproduksi Sapi Betina 2 Organ Reproduksi Domba Kambing Betina ... 11th, 2020

Oviduct-Specific Glycoprotein And Heparin ... - Jstor.org
De Biolog?a Celular E Histolog?a, Facultad De Medicina, Universidad De Murcia, Murcia 30071, Spain Edited By Ryuzo Yanagimachi, University Of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, And Approved August 27, 2008 (received For Review May 7, 2008) Polyspermy Is An Important Anomaly Of Fertilization In Placental Mammals, Causing Premature Death Of The Embryo. It Is Especially Frequent Under In Vitro Conditions ... 21th, 2020

CALS Faculty CV Outline
Equine Embryo Transfer KEYWORDS: Horse, Ovary, Oviduct, Uterus, Reproduction, Pregnancy, Ultrasound, Inhibin, Activin, Anti-mullerian Hormone, EDITORIAL BOARD: Journal Of Equine Science; 2010-present Japanese Journal Of Veterinary Research; 2015-present SOCIETIES: The Japanese Society Of Veterinary Science (1994-, Councilor 2004-present)) Japan Society Of Reproductive Endocrinology (2006 ... 15th, 2020

Early Development Of Ruminant Embryos, Autonomous Process ...
Embryos, Autonomous Process Or The Result Of A Positive Dialog... Acta Scientiae Veterinariae. 38 (Supl 2): S521-s533 Oviduct – Embryos Co Culture It Has Been Well Established That The Environment Encountered By The Embryo During Its Early Development Influences Its Gene Expression At The Blastocyst Stage [43,51]. These Differences Translate Into Modification Of Several Embryo Parameters And ... 14th, 2020

Turkey Reproduction - U.S. Poultry & Egg Association
System Of Organs That Make Up The Reproductive System. It Is Important That Those Interested In Turkey Production Be Familiar With These Various Organs And Their Functions. 1. Ovary Only The Left Ovary And Oviduct Matures In These Birds. The Ovary Begins To Convert Ova To Egg Yolks. Yolks Are Released From The Ovary Into The Body Cavity When They Reach The Correct Size. Ovulated Yolk Is ... 18th, 2020

Biology The Plant-parasitic Nematode ScuteZZonema ...
Reproductive System Of Fourth-stage Larva (female) (arrow). Revue Némafol. 3 (2): 213-225 (1980) . Ut Col S Pt Ovid Fig. 2. Diagram Of Reproductive System Of Female Freshly Extracted From Dry Soil. Vu : Vulva ; Ep : Epiptygma ; Ut : Uterus ; Col : Columella ; Spt : Spermatheca ; Ovid : Oviduct. 21 5 7th, 2020

Chapter 46: Animal Reproduction - Free
9. Now, How Have Animal Species Solved The Problem Of Moving Sperm To Egg In A Dry ... You Need To Know The Correct Anatomical Name And Function Of The Reproductive Organs. Use These Terms: Oviduct, Ovary, Uterus, Labia, Vagina, Cervix , Corpus Luteum, Follicle, And Endometrium, And Give The Function Of Each Structure. 16. In A Similar Manner, You Will Need To Know The Structure And Function ... 26th, 2020

The Development Of The Pig During The First Ten Days.
Von Baer (2), Who Made Most Careful Observations Upon The Later Stages Of Development Of Both The Sheep And Pig, Found The Egg Of A Sheep In The Oviduct As Early As The End Of The First Day. His Descriptions, However, Of The Earliest Stages Of These Animals, Although Historically Interesting, Are Of Little Use For Our Present Purpose. Between 1884 And 1889 Bonnet (10, 11) Published His Work ... 19th, 2020

A Fused (Stk36) Is A Ciliary Protein Required For Central ...
Fused (Stk36) Is A Ciliary Protein Required For Central Pair Assembly And Motile Cilia Orientation In The Mammalian Oviduct Yoko Ine`s Nozawa, Erica Yao, Chuwen Lin, Jehn-Hsiahn Yang, Christopher W. Wilson, Rhodora Gacayan, And Pao-Tien Chuang* Background: Motile Cilia On The Inner Lining Of The Oviductal Epithelium Play A Central Role In Ovum Trans-port Toward The Uterus And Subsequent ... 13th, 2020

Anatomi Fungsional ORGAN REPRODUKSI TERNAK BETINA . 1. OVARIUM 2. TUBA FALLOPII 3. U T E R U S • C ... Bagian Paling Luar Dari Saluran Reproduksi Betina ESTRUS Merah Hangat Selaput Lendirnya. Bengkak . Organ Reproduksi Unggas Betina Hanya Terdiri Atas Ovary Bagian Kiri Dan Oviduct Bagian Kiri Ovary Dan Oviduct Bag. Kanan Degenerasi Setelah Menetas Jika Ovary Dan Ovoduct Kiri Dirusak ... 27th, 2020

1.In Which Stage Of The Human Menstrual Cycle Is The ...
6.The Ovary Releases An Egg In A Process Known As (1) Fertilization (2) Gestation (3) Ovulation (4) Implantation 7.In Order To Unite With An Egg, A Sperm Cell Must Travel From (1) Ovary To Oviduct To Uterus (3) Vagina To Umbilical Cord To Oviduct (2) Vagina To Uterus To Oviduct (4) Ovary To Urethra To Uterus 29th, 2020

[MOBI] Oviduct Diagram Of Avian Species
Oviduct Diagram Of Avian Species ASC-201: Avian Female Reproductive System Avian Female Reproductive System Jacquie Jacob And Tony Pescatore, Animal Sciences A Nyone Raising Poultry For Eggs, Whether For Eating Or For Incubation, Should Have An Understanding Of The Reproduc-tive System This Will Help Them Understand Any Problems That May Occur And How To Correct Them The Avian Reproductive ... 14th, 2020

University Of Nebraska - Lincoln DigitalCommons@University ...
Reproductive System Are The Hypothalamus, Pitui- Tary Gland, And Gonads. Accessory Organs, Which Include The Oviduct, Excurrent Duct System, And Associated Cloacal Structures, Are Also Critical To Reproductive Success. Moreover, Endocrine And Behavioral Components Of Reproduction Must Function Synchronously For Successful Reproduc- Tion. The Purpose Of This Review Is To Provide An Overview Of ... 5th, 2020

Cell, Vol. 32, 495-502, February 1983, Copyright 0 1983 By ...
Cocorticoids And The Female Sex Steroids Estrogen And Progesterone, Where Well-documented Gene Products Are Easily Assayed. Since The Application Of Molecular And Recombinant DNA Techniques To This Area, The Estrogen And Progesterone Regulation Of The Chicken Oviduct Egg White Genes (Palmiter Et Al., 1981; Le- Meur Et Al., 1981; Woo Et Al., 1981) And The Gluco- Corticoid Regulation Of Mouse ... 25th, 2020

ASC-201: Avian Female Reproductive System
The Female Reproductive System Of The Chicken Is Shown In Figure 2. It Is Divided Into Two Separate Parts: The Ovary And The Oviduct. In Almost All Species Of Birds, Including Chickens, Only The Left Ovary And Oviduct Are Functional. Although The Embryo Has Two Ova-ries And Oviducts, Only The Left Pair (i.e., Ovary And Oviduct) Develops. 7th, 2020

Transport, Distribution And Elimination Of Mammalian Sperm ...
Maintain Fertilizing Capacity For 3–4 Days (cow, Horse) Up To Several Months (bats). After Ovulation, Mammalian Sperm Show Hyperactivation Which Allows Them To Detach From The Tubal Epithelium And Migrate To The Site Of Fertilization. This Review Will Focus On Recent Insights Of Sperm Transport, Sperm Storage And Sperm–oviduct Interaction In Mammals Which Have Been Gained By Live Cell ... 20th, 2020

Chapter 9 Reproduction In Animals
9 Reproduction In Animals MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1. Sets Of Reproductive Terms Are Given Below. Choose The Set That Has An Incorrect Combination. (a) Sperm, Testis, Sperm Duct, Penis (b) Menstruation, Egg, Oviduct, Uterus (c) Sperm, Oviduct, Egg, Uterus (d) Ovulation, Egg, Oviduct, Uterus 2. In Humans, The Development Of Fertilised Egg Takes Place In The (a) Ovary (c) Oviduct (b) Testis (d ... 19th, 2020

Cranial Pneumatization In The Indian Weaver Bird, Ploceus ...
Vessels In The Oviduct Or Cloaca. Glandular Pigments Have Been Shown To Fade With Age (Thomson 1964). Blood Is Known To Darken With Age. According To Simpson (1965), Blood Turns From Red To Brown Within About 24 Hr And Then Darkens Slowly. The De-posits On Extremely Old Golden Eagle Eggs Are Very Dark (pers. Obs.). In The Case Of Golden Eagle Egg 5th, 2020

Disorders Of The Avian Female Reproductive System
Disorders Of Female Reproductive System 409 Table 2. Types Of Disorders And Birds Affected. Type Of Disorder And Number Of Cases Obstruction Of Oviduct Or Cloaca (with Or Without Salpingitis And/or Egg Peritonitis) Number: 46, Representing 28.6% Of 161 Disorders Ectopic Ovulation (with Or Without Egg Peritonitis And With Or Without Salpingitis) 8th, 2020

These Sperm Are Dead And Subsequently Cleared To The Peritoneal Cavity (Overstreet And Cooper, 1978). Thus, Sperm In The Rapid Transport Phase Are Not Thought To Be Involved In Fertilization. The Second, Or Sustained Phase Of Sperm Transport, Brings Sperm Capable Of Fertilizing Ova To The Isthmus Of The Oviduct Between 6 To 12 Hours After Insemination (Hunter And Wilmut, 1983; Wilmut And ... 29th, 2020

Blood Supply Of Female Reproductive System Of ...
Blood Supply Of Female Reproductive System Of Lepuscapansisarabicus (Arabain Hare) SuraAbdulMunaff*, Abed HasanBaraj* Department Of Biology, University Of Baghdad Corresponding Author: SuraAbulMunaff Summary:The Anatomy Of The Arterial And Venous Vessels Of The Mammalian Oviduct Is Well Describedin Women And In Laboratory And Farm Animals. The Arteries Are Derived From The Ovarian Anduterine ... 9th, 2020

Chapter 5 Male And Female Reproductive Systems
FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM FIGURE 13. Reproductive Organs Of The Goose (Source: Pénichon, 1990) Like Most Other Birds, The Female Goose Possesses A Unique Reproductive System Located On The Left Side Of Its Abdomen. The Functions Of The Reproductive System Are To Produce, Fertilise And Mature The Oocyte. Once Copulation Or Insemination Has Taken Place, The Oviduct Plays A Role In Spermatozoa ... 3th, 2020

???????? ??????????? ????? ???????????? ? ?????????? ...
1. Jankovic SM, Jankovic SV, Lukic G, Radonjic V, Cupara S, Stefanovic S. Contractile Effects Of Endothelins On Isolated Ampullar Segment Of Human Oviduct In Luteal Phase Of Menstrual Cycle. Pharmacol Res 2009; 59(1): 69-73. (?21-8 ???o??; IF-3,929) ??????????? ?????? ????????????: 5,239 2. 19th, 2020

Organ Reproduksi Pria • Organ Reproduksi Luar (penis,buah Zakar, Skrotum) • Organ Reproduksi Dalam (Testis, Saluran Reproduksi) 2. Organ Reproduksi Wanita • Organ Reproduksi Dalam (Ovarium, Oviduct, Uterus, Vagina, Dst) • Organ Reproduksi Luar (Vulva, Payudara) MATERI PERTEMUAN Ke-2 1. Gametogensis Dan Fertilisasi 2. Siklus Menstruasi, Kehamilan 3. Penyakit Pada Sistem Reproduksi 4 ... 25th, 2020

Unit B: Plant Anatomy - Afghan Agriculture
Each One Of These Follicles Can Turn Into An Egg If It Is Fertilized With Sperm. 3. When The Follicle Is Fertilized, It Separates From The Ovary And Goes Down The Oviduct. (PowerPoint Slide #4) This Picture Shows The Follicles Inside A Hen. The Arrow Is Pointing To What Will Be A Yolk. (PowerPoint Slide #5) B. The Oviduct Is About 80 Cm And Has 5 Distinct Areas Serving A Specific Function In ... 4th, 2020


Zx10 1988 Manual
Formats Can Be A Hassle, Even If They’re Not Protected By DRM, So Users Of Other Readers Are Better Off Looking Elsewhere. Zx10 1988 Manual Kawasaki ZX1000 B ZX-10 1988 Pdf User Manuals. View Online Or Download Kawasaki ZX1000 B ZX-10 1988 Service And Repair Manual Kawasaki ZX1000 B ZX-10 1988 Manuals Kawasaki 1988 ZX1000-B1 Pdf User Manuals. View Online Or Download Kawasaki 1988 ZX1000-B1 ... 16th, 2020

KAWASAKI ZX-10R EEC SLIP-ON R-11 SINGLE EXIT Product Information 3. Optional Part : Description Racing Mid Pipe For R-11 Part No. 185-289-5E00 2. Applicable Model : Model KAWASAKI ZX-10R 16-Engine Type ZXT00JE 1. Product Information: Part Number Satin Finish Sleeve (SSF) Metal Magic Sleeve E3 10003G(SM) Titanium Blue Sleeve (STB): 1F0-289-5E30: 1F0-289-5E20: 1F0-289-5E80B Description KAWASAKI ... 2th, 2020

By Pressing The Manual-button The Drum Will Rotate Once For A Manual Feeding. You Can Use This Button For Testing The Feeder And When You Adjusting The Amount Of Food. Filling The Feeding Drum 1 Adjust The Portion Slider To The Minimum Position. 2 Pull The Drum Gently From The Feeder. 3 Open The Cover (turn Clockwise To Unlock). Fill The Drum With Food. Close The Cover And Lock It. 4 Attach ... 28th, 2020

OsmoTECH™ Single-Sample Micro-Osmometer
OsmoTECH™ Single-Sample Micro-Osmometer Critical During Development And Manufacture Of Biological Therapeutics And Injectable Solutions Osmolality Testing Is A Robust In-process Control And Quality Check You Can Implement Throughout Process Development To Ensure Optimum Media Preparation, Cell Health, And Product Quality And Yield. OsmoTECH’s Data Management Features Support 21 CFR Part 11 ... 16th, 2020

SAMPLE LETTER OF OFFER SPECIAL APPOINTMENT - LECTURER Dear Dr. _____ I Am Pleased To Offer You A Special Appointment As A Non-tenure Track Lecture Of (name Of Department) For The Period From August XX, 20XX To May XX, 20XX [may Be One To Two Years]. In The Language Of The Bylaws Of The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Nebraska (Section 4.4), A "Special Appointment" Is A Non-tenure Leading ... 8th, 2020

Fotografà A De Página Completa - Lapso Producciones
El Circo, Mós Que Un Espectóculo, Es Un Modo De Mente Hermanos De Las Máquinas, O Peor Aún: Sus Víctimas. En Bestiario Del Circo La Palabra Vuela Desde El Trapecio De La Poesía Hasta El Alma De La Prosa Más Profunda. Ya Sobre La Pista, Convertida En Maestra De Ceremonias, Hace Desfilar A Todos Los Seres Que Com- Ponen El Circo. Y No, No ... 21th, 2020

Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, And ...
As They Learn Math, Science And 21st Century Skills. Workshop Participants Will Be Provided With Additional Resources And Information Such As How To Start A Robotics Suggested Grade Level: 5-12 Kit Contents: 9 Robots With Sensors 9 Laptops With Software And Video Training Extra Parts Case 17th, 2020

Structurally Sound - AISC Home
21st Century Steel. “The Connection Points Didn’t Necessarily Align With The Regu-lar Building Grid That We Wanted To Establish With The New Struc-ture, So Designing And Constructing Connections That Transitioned Between The Two Was Difficult,” Gonner Recalled. The Station’s Use Of AESS Creates A Dazzling Canopy. The 1th, 2020

Owners Manual 4240 Jd - Thepopculturecompany.com
Factory Service Repair Manual For John Deere 4040 4240 . Step By Step Instructions, Illustrations, Diagrams. Troubleshooting, Removal, Disassembly, Inspection And Installation Procedures. This Manual Is One Of The Most Important Tools Available To The Service Technician. PDF Manual: John Deere 4040 4240 Repair Manual [Tractor] – YouFixThis 14th, 2020

John Deere 4240 Repair Manual - M4moviez.com
John Deere 4240 Repair Manual John_Deere_Tractor_4040_4240_TM1181_SM Manual, Farming, Agriculture, Service Manual This Is A Technical Manual For A John Deere Model 4040 And 4240 This John Deere 4240 Tractor Service Manual Is The Same Service Manual Used By Professional John Deere Technicians. All Pages Are Printable, So Run Off What You Need Find The Best Selection Of New Tractor Parts For ... 20th, 2020

Free Download: Atls 2018 Manual Port Printable 2019 Read E-Book Online At BRAZILFILMFESTIVAL.INFO Free Download Books Atls 2018 Manual Port Printable 2019 We All Know That Reading Atls 2018 Manual Port Printable 2019 Is Useful, Because We Can Easily Get Information From Your Reading Materials. Technologies Have Developed, And Reading Atls 2018 Manual Port Printable 2019 Books May Be More ... 7th, 2020

TM-S9000MJ Technical Reference Guide - Files.support.epson.com
Dealer Or A Seiko Epson Service Center For Advice. Never Attempt To Repair This Product Yourself. Improper Repair Work Can Be Dangerous. Never Disassemble Or Modify This Product. Tampering With This Product May Result In Injury Or Fire. Do Not Allow Foreign Matter To Fall Into The Equipment. Penetration By Foreign Objects May Lead To Fire. If Water Or Other Liquid Spills Into This Equipment ... 28th, 2020

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